Free Online Courses

  1. (Open Lessons)
  2. (Foundation Course & The Bitcoin Exam)
  3. (PRDV151: Bitcoin for Everybody, CS120: Bitcoin for Developers)
  4. Free Bitcoin Crash Course


  1. (lots of resources that can be filtered by Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
  2. (learn how Bitcoin makes lots of different aspecs of life better)
  3. (bitcoin vs crypto, human rights, energy, environment)
  4. (Visual Guides to Bitcoin by Anil Patel, inc NOSTR & Lightening)
  5. (Bitcoin Whitepaper)


  1. The Bitcoin Standard (Saifedean Ammous)
  2. The Bullish Case for Bitcoin (Vijay Boyapati). Podcast: Investors Podcast ep.BTC002
  3. Check Your Financial Privilege (Alex Gladstein) Youtube Bitcoin Magazine Interview
  4. The Price of Tomorrow (Jeff Booth). Podcast: What Bitcoin Did ep. WBD235
  5. The Progressive Case for Bitcoin (C. Jason Maier) Podcast What Bitcoin Did ep. WBD539